Revised May 2018


To establish an access, equity, equality and diversity policy for Valley FM (VFM) Members, Broadcasters, Board Members, Contractors and Visitors to the radio station to ensure compliance with the policy’s requirements.  


The Valley FM Broadcasters Association Inc’s charter is to inform, educate and entertain residents of the Tuggeranong Valley with radio programming that draws on, and represents, the diversity of cultures, interests and views of the local community.


It is VFM policy that all volunteers will be afforded:

  • Equal and fair opportunities, where relevant, in recruitment, terms and conditions, development, promotions and membership, and
  • A fair and safe volunteer broadcasting environment.

VFM will ensure that no person or group of people will be treated less favourably than another on discriminatory grounds and that all decisions will be based on merit according to skills, qualifications, competencies and potential.

VFM recognises that laws exist that govern workplace equality and diversity and is committed to complying with them (Refer to Legislation and the VFM Discrimination Law Policy).


As a voluntary organisation our workforce comprises individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. VFM is an inclusive organisation and we respect, accept and appreciate all volunteers. Diversity is fundamental to our culture and how we conduct our business. It is evident in who we are, our sponsors and the community that we broadcast to.

Individual and group minority differences are celebrated and encouraged at all levels. We recognise the innovative and effective management of a diverse voluntary workforce will directly impact our success as a community service provider.

Equity and Equality

Equity and equality are two strategies that can be used to produce fairness. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful and equality is treating everyone the same. Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help.

VFM aims to ensure the workplace is free from all forms of discrimination, hostility, harassment and bullying. At no time do we condone discriminatory behaviour that is based on individual or group attributes such as gender, sexual preference, transgender status, marital status, disability, religion, culture, racial origins, political preference, trade unionism, pregnancy or age.  Systems and processes are being put in place to assist in managing the complaints and investigations process, so that all volunteers may feel confident their concerns are dealt with in a confidential, professional and objective manner. If a volunteer reports harassment, VFM will undertake a prompt investigation appropriate to the circumstances. Anyone who reports incidents in good faith which are believed to be violations of this policy, or who is involved in the investigation of harassment, will not be subject to reprisal or retaliation.

Valley FM Compliance Obligations

The Board is responsible for the development, operationalisation and review of this policy.  Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all Board Members and Presenters.

Legislative Framework

Age Discrimination Act (Cwth 2004)

Australian Human Rights Commission Act (Cwth 1986)

Disability Discrimination Act (Cwth 1992)

Fair Work Act (Cwth 2009)

Racial Discrimination Act (Cwth 1975)

Sex Discrimination Act (Cwth 1984)

Workplace Gender Equality Act (Cwth 2012)

Discrimination Act (ACT 1991)

Human Rights Act (Act 2004)


Highland Media Co-Operative Limited. Highland FM 107.1. 2017. Equality and Diversity Policy