Friday Breakfast with Tim Kilby

Friday Breakfast with Tim Kilby

Tim likes to give listeners a heads up on events coming up on Canberra’s Southside. That includes chatting regularly to well informed guests about concerts and films, as well as arts and environmental happenings. His music often mirrors those topics, but mostly the playlists cover his favourite tracks from listening to a broad range of music for over 50 years. The selection is designed to get you up and into the day as well as going down easy with toast and tea.


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    1. Agnes Oriach Charriaud

      Hello I would like to get in touch with Tim Kilby whom I met in San Francisco in December 82 and then in Oz when he was teaching out of Nyngan (in 86). If this is the wrong Tim Kilby please excuse me. Here’s my mail address in case you reach him – Thanks a lot.

      • valleyfm895

        I am new to the VFM website but found your query for Tim Kilby just today. I will pass it onto him and he’ll respond if he recognises your name.
        Kind regards
        Jude B


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