Sweet Sunday Sounds with Shannon Bowman and Isaac Banks

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  • Indie

Let Shannon Bowman and Isaac Banks conclude your weekend with two hours of Sweet Sunday Sounds.  Playing a genre bending mix of chilled classics and contemporary tunes, prepare for a relaxed and insightful tour of the land of sweet sounds. 

Shannon and Isaac’s natural chemistry, banter and unique knowledge of music combine for a fascinating, nostalgic journey to a place you’d rather be – relaxed and listening to sweet sounds.  The show also features a weekly album review from one of the pairs network of eclectic music punters. 

Sweet Sunday Sounds – it’s like hugs for your ears. 

Shannon Bowman is the compelling and relaxed host of this Sunday evenings chilled show – Sweet Sunday Sounds.  Outside of the radio station Shannon is a part time jet ski racer, poker player, traveler, apprentice taxidermist and pays the bills with some project management consultancy work. 


  • Sunday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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