Revised March 2018


The main purpose of Valley FM Broadcasters Association Inc. is to provide a service to the Tuggeranong Valley community, not only through entertainment, but to build community spirit through the promotion of local community organisations and their activities on radio station Valley FM 89.5. This involves making the studio open to participation by members of the community, both as individuals and as representatives of other organisations.


In any community, musical tastes vary widely. Over the course of any week Valley FM provides a wide spectrum of music-based programs to cater for divergent listener tastes regardless of time of day.

Valley FM accepts that there is limited provision for the over 55 age group in local radio services so endeavours to provide a mix of music during the day to cater for the variety of tastes in music that this age group represents.

Programming content will not at any time express prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, religious, cultural or political beliefs.


Valley FM views itself as an active part of the Tuggeranong Valley Community it serves. The participation is two-way and occurs:

  • Through open days and invitations when members of the community are welcome to visit the studio at any time and may observe programs going to air and receive a guided tour. They will be encouraged to volunteer their services to Valley FM in whatever role is appropriate to their skills and interests
  • Membership will be open to all who apply. There will be no discrimination against persons on grounds of ethnicity, race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, religious, cultural or political beliefs
  • Training for a variety of roles in Valley FM will be offered, and provided, free of charge
  • Not-for-profit organisations will have access to free programming, whether of community service announcements, interviews or regular programs
  • Listeners and members will have the right to query policy and comment upon program quality and content and receive a positive response
  • Valley FM will take an active part in local events such as festivals and expos
  • Valley FM will join local groups such as business groups and use their contacts within other not-for-profit organisations to expand membership, participation and service provision
  • Valley FM will provide volunteers for local events, and
  • Valley FM will continue to explore and use a variety of ways to encourage participation in overall station operations.


The Board is responsible for the development, operationalisation and review of this policy. All Board Members, Presenters and Members will comply with this policy.

Legislative Framework

Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act (1992) available at Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act 1992


Australian Communications and Media Authority, Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (2016)