Revised March 2018


To articulate the protocol Valley FM uses to respond to complaints and other comments (regardless of whether received by letter, fax or email) from members of the public in relation to the station’s activities. This policy is a requirement for Valley FM to meet the licence conditions required by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and under the Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Valley FM acknowledges the right of our listeners, members, volunteers and sponsors to comment and make complaints in writing concerning alleged non-compliance with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act (1992) and the requirements outlined in the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (2008).


Valley FM will broadcast at least one on-air announcement each week that contains information about the Codes of Practice and where listeners can obtain a copy. Code 7 requires all radio stations to regularly broadcast this information.

Valley FM will make every reasonable attempt to resolve a complaint, except where the complaint is clearly frivolous, without sufficient grounds or not made in good faith.

Valley FM ensures that:

  • Complaints will be received by either the President or the Secretary and that an acknowledgement receipt is returned in writing
  • Complaints shall be investigated conscientiously and responded to as soon as possible
  • Complaints shall be responded to, in writing, within 60 days of receipt and the response will include a copy of the relevant Code/s
  • Complainants shall be advised in writing that they have the right to refer their complaint about a Code matter to ACMA provided they have first formally lodged their complaint with Valley FM, and received a substantive response from Valley FM with which the complainant is dissatisfied or did not receive a response from Valley FM within 60 days after making the complaint.

If the complaint relates to broadcast content that may be deemed as defamatory the Valley FM President shall notify the station’s insurer immediately.

The Board is responsible for the development, implementation, operation and review of this policy. Compliance with the policy is also the responsibility of all Board Members and Presenters who are all, by virtue of their membership, volunteers.

Legislative Framework
Broadcasting Services Act (Cwth 1992)

Australian Communications and Media Authority, Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (2016)