Revised June 2018

To establish the policy and guidelines for Valley FM’s external communication on the basis that all external communication must be consistent with the rules, policy and culture of Valley FM.

When communicating with an outside organisation in the name of Valley FM the following procedures must occur.


All press releases and media comment on matters concerning Valley FM 89.5 will be made by the President, or by a person delegated by the President.

Letters purporting to speak on behalf of Valley FM 89.5 must be authorised by the President before submission for publication. Publication of photographs of presenters must also be authorised by the presenter(s) concerned, particularly in the case of a minor.


This includes advertising for recruitment and fundraising purposes, as well as general promotion of the station. In each case, the advertisement must be prepared by the relevant presenter, in consultation with the Valley FM Board Director responsible for Promotions and Sponsorships, who will then seek agreement and authorisation from the President before the advertisement is submitted for publication. If the advertisement costs more than $100, funding approval should also be sought from the Treasurer. In the case of an advertisement that will cost more than $300, the proposal must be submitted to the Board.


While members are encouraged to suggest sponsorship of the station to potential clients, the approach must be made by an authorised representative e.g. President or Valley FM Board Director responsible for Promotions and Sponsorships. This can be done by giving the details to this Director, who will then manage the client.

Promotional Stands

When an invitation is issued to Valley FM 89.5 to take a stand at a local event, acceptance must not be made without reference to the Board. Display material used on such a stand must be official Valley FM promotional material that is marked with the station’s official branding only.

External Training Seminars

Members wishing to attend meetings of outside organisations, or training seminars being run by external bodies, are to seek Board approval prior to attendance, particularly if reimbursement of registration costs is to be sought. If the time line is too short, approval may be given by the President.

Landlord, Co-tenants, Funding Body and Regulatory Authorities

Only the President, or a person delegated for this purpose by the President, may communicate with the ACT Property Group, the owner of the building on matters affecting Valley FM’s tenancy. Also, only the President, or delegate, may communicate with regulatory authorities or funding bodies.

Australian Tax Office and Banking

It is solely the responsibility of the Treasurer to communicate with the Australian Taxation Office. If problems arise, the President must be consulted, and a report of the matter made to the Board. This principle also applies to communication with a bank, whether or not Valley FM holds accounts with that bank.


No member may make use of the name of Valley FM 89.5 to gain any private benefit or request discounts or make offers of free air time to any business. This includes artists and their managers.


The Board is responsible for the development, operationalisation and review of this policy. Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all Board Members, Presenters and Members.

Legislative Framework
Broadcasting Services Act (Cwth 1992)

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (2016)