Revised June 2018


To define Valley FM’s requirements and management of security of Valley FM premises.


Valley FM is committed to minimising risks to members, equipment and premises by maintaining sound security regimes.

Full details of security arrangements will be provided to members.

All members share the responsibility for Valley FM’s premises security and for ensuring security of the station at the end of each day.

Swipe cards (used to access the studios and other internal space) and remote-control devices (used to access the enclosed parking area) must not be marked as, or in any other way be identifiable, Valley FM access passes. Swipe cards have an inscribed number which, after allocation, is documented against the member’s name in the official Valley FM Members’ Register. The same information is also logged into a Valley FM Security Register and is maintained by the Valley FM Secretary.

Swipe cards and/or remote-control devices issued to a particular member must not be passed on to any other person without the authorisation of the Station Manager or President/Vice President. This will be noted in the Security Register.

Swipe cards and/or remote-control devices that have been issued to a member who is leaving Valley FM must be returned to the Station on the last day of program presentation.

When a presenter/s leaves the Valley FM last each day that person is responsible for checking to ensure the premises are secure before departure. A lock-up check list is at Appendix A for information


The Board is responsible for the development, implementation, operation and review of this policy. Compliance with the policy is also the responsibility of all members.

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