Revised March 2018


To establish a framework and guidelines for the creation of productive partnerships between Valley FM and the private sector i.e. sponsorship alliances with local businesses and/or individuals or other non-government organisations.


Sponsorship is about relationship building and can be a powerful way to build and strengthen partnerships. It is recognised that such alliances can provide important financial and marketing support to potential partners of Valley FM while at the same time generate additional revenue to support Valley FM’s mandate.

The policy complements the licence conditions required under the Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act 1992 relating to sponsorship announcements.


Valley FM will not enter into any alliance or partnership with any organisation where the prospective partner or acceptance of the sponsorship would jeopardise Valley FM’s financial, legal or moral integrity, or adversely impact upon Valley FM’s standing and reputation in the community.

The Board will not enter into any sponsorship relationship if, in its collective opinion, it would potentially or actually affect its broadcasting licence. All tobacco and alcohol sponsorship is prohibited.

The Board will complete a due diligence review of all proposed event and program sponsorship proposals. Such review must encompass the financial commitment/s proposed by the sponsor with the aim of offsetting any costs associated with the sponsorship.

All sponsorship relationships involving Valley FM must be identified and recorded for information purposes to encourage a donor-centred approach to revenue generation.

Naming rights associated with any sponsorship must be approved by the Board.

Sponsorship over $500.00 will be embodied in written contractual agreements between Valley FM and the sponsorship partner.

Sponsorship of Valley FM or of any program, event or activity held by Valley FM will not entitle any sponsor to influence any Valley FM decision.

Valley FM will accept sponsorships as an additional source of revenue generation provided that all sponsorship alliances are developed and maintained within the regulations embodied within this policy.

All sponsorship alliances or partnerships must be consistent with existing Valley FM policies.

Sponsorship announcements will not be broadcast for longer than five minutes in any ONE HOUR and tagging of each announcement MUST acknowledge the financial and/or in-kind support of the sponsor

Sponsorship will never influence access to specific broadcasting times or editorial decisions affecting the content and/or style of individual programs.


The Board is responsible for the development, implementation and review of this policy. Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all Board Members and Presenters.

Legislative Framework
Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act (Cwth 1992)

Australian Communications and Media Authority, Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (2016)