Revised April 2018


To establish a minimum acceptable broadcasting language for ValleyFM presenters.

Offensive words must not be broadcast after 0500 hours (5am) or before 2100 hours (9pm) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This applies to ALL PRESENTERS.

All Valley FM Presenters are prohibited from swearing on air or using offensive language as a presentation technique.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in instant removal from broadcasting and may result in charges being laid for breach of the Broadcasting Act.

Songs and comments that:

  • Describe acts of violence
  • Describe sexual acts or no-consensual relations
  • Include excessive or grossly offensive language, and/or
  • Describe and/or encourage the use of illegal drugs


After 2100 hours and before 0500 hours songs may contain profanity (but not in excess) however presenters themselves must never swear. Presenters may also provide a warning to listeners. The following rules must be followed for these times:

  • No detailed acts of violence
  • Violence must not be presented as desirable
  • No explicit depiction of sex or sexual acts
  • Offensive language may only be played in a song if appropriate in describing the context of that song (and within the song only, not by the presenter), and
  • Nothing which favourably depicts the use of illegal drugs.

Presenters are advised to always know what music they intend to play before playing it on air. If in any doubt it is advisable to not play it at all.

Legislative Framework
Australian Broadcasting Act (Cwth 1992)