Revised June 2018


To define the corporate ethical, behavioural and practice obligations of Valley FM members who are elected by the membership to Valley FM’s Board of Directors.


Valley FM’s Code of Conduct sets out the ethical principles and standards that are expected of Board members as part of their governance duties under seven pillars: Commitment, Conduct, Conflict, Conscientiousness, Confidentiality, Communication and Community.


Board members are to be committed to:

  • The pursuit of fulfilling Valley FM’s Charter and Mission as a key priority, and
  • Promoting Valley FM’s interests as well as the interests of its members, stakeholders and listeners of the Tuggeranong Valley.


Each Board Member shall:

  • Observe sound financial practices, manage potential risks effectively and meet all obligations
  • Comply with all applicable Commonwealth and Territory legislation and regulation, and
  • Observe the provisions of Valley FM’s Constitution and policies.

Conflict of Interest

No Director shall:

  • Put their own interests, or the interests of any other person or entity, before Valley FM’s interests, or act as to give the appearance of any such conflict
  • Enter into any financial relationship on Valley FM’s behalf without the approval of the Valley FM Board, in whose deliberations on that issue the Director shall have taken no part, or
  • Through their own conduct bring Valley FM into disrepute.


Each Valley FM Director shall:

  • Preserve the confidentiality of Valley FM’s business affairs
  • Protect the privacy of Valley FM’s members, clients/customers and listeners
  • Recognise their accountability to Valley FM’s members, and
  • Provide all information on Valley FM’s performance to give meaning to that accountability.


Each Valley FM Director shall:

  • Exercise their independent judgement on the issues before them
  • Provide themselves with the information necessary to support their judgements, and
  • Invest the time and effort required to fulfil directorial duties by reading all meeting materials, participating fully in meetings and performing duties as assigned by the Valley FM Board.


Each Valley FM Director shall:

  • Maintain sufficient knowledge and skills to effectively oversee Valley FM’s business affairs, and
  • Communicate Valley FM’s Charter, Mission, strategy and culture to members, stakeholders and the public.


Each Valley FM Director shall:

  • Observe and promote the human rights of all persons affected by Valley FM’s work
  • Oppose prejudice, address disadvantage and promote diversity in all aspects of Valley FM’s governance and management, and
  • Treat colleagues, clients and the community with courtesy and respect.


The Board is responsible for the development, implementation, operation and review of this policy. Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all Board Members.

Legislative Framework

Not applicable.


Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission Governance for Good (2018)
Institute of Company Directors Australia Code of Ethics and Conduct (2013)
Our Community Code of Governance (2008)