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Sparkling, multifaced, shimmering. All That Glitters wholeheartedly embraces a love of glitz. But even while it invites us to joyfully revel in the sparkling surface, the show also draws us onward, beyond the shine. Together, the artists in this exhibition explore sparkle and shine in all its forms, creating a visual feast that belies the depth of power in their works. They ask us to embrace our innate attraction to all things shiny and to allow it to enrich our everyday lives.

9:00am-5:00pm, 5 November – 17 December

Gallery 2, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 137 Reed St N, Greenway, ACT

The annual Exhibition of Australian flora and fauna photography in the Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre is on again. The 2022 Exhibition will feature stunning works of Australian flora and fauna. The theme is ‘Illuminate’.

November 24 – December 11.

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Clunes Ross St, Acton. Hosted by Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens Photographic Group. Email: photo@friendsanbg.org.au

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