Rock Me Baby. Sam Buckley, November 2023

Nathan Beretta

Had Enough. Nathan Beretta, November 2023

Who made him king?

Who Made You King? Shane Pacey, November 2023

Dirt on Velvet. Rod Paine, October 2023

Sound and Fury EP cover

Sound and Fury. Phil Coyne, October 2023

Bakehouse Dozen cover

Bakehouse Dozen. Lloyd Spiegel, September 2023


The Sunbears are off to Europe! CC Hall, September 2023

Canberra Blues Society logo

Canberra Blues Society. K2 with Mike K, September 2023

Lies. Chloe Kay, August 2023

Appearing this weekend, The Bondi Cigars. Shane Pacey, August 2023

Gretta Ziller All These Walls

All These Walls. Gretta Ziller, August 2023

Ray Beadle with strat

International Blues Music Day. Ray Beadle, August 2023

Chloe Kay and the Crusade single

International Blues Music Day. Chloe Kay, August 2023

CC Hall

International Blues Music Day. CC Hall, August 2023

International Blues Music Day. Frank Sultana, August 2023

Sweet Patooties on the road

International Blues Music Day. Bonnie Kay, August 2023

Canberra Blues Society logo

International Blues Music Day. K2, August 2023

Canberra Blues Society logo

Canberra Blues Society. K2 with Mike K, August 2023

Bound to get the blues cover

Bound to get the blues. Ray Beadle, July 2023

Colors Of Jealousy. Micke Bjorklof, July 2023

Damon and bananas

A Fresh Harvest from Old Seeds. Damon Smith, June 2023

Duke Robillard playing guitar

Six Strings of Steel. Duke Robillard, June 2023

Blue Ocean cover

Blue Ocean. Sam Buckley, June 2023

Liza Ohlback singing

Unravelling. Liza Ohlback, June 2023

Jen Mize

Jen Mize & the Rough n` Tumble. Jen Mize, June 2023

Ramblified. Fiona Boyes, June 2023

Death Wish Blues. Samantha Fish, May 2023

Bruised Heart Blues cover

Bruised Heart Blues. Tom Harpo Walker, May 2023

Brett Littlefair

Brett Littlefair, Toe Tappin’ April 2023

Ian Dittman on stage

The Bellhops are comng to town. Ian Dittman, April 2023

Lara Buchanan

Lara Buchanan, April 2023

Bluegrass Sessions Vol.1 album cover

The Bluegrass Sessions Vol 1. Michael Carpenter, March 2023

Lloyd Back

Rolling Thunder. Lloyd Back, March 2023

Justin Landers album cover

I Can`t Drink You Off My Mind. Justin Landers, March 2023

Dean Perrett with guitar

Walkabout Waters. Dean Perrett, March 2023

Sit Tight album cover

Sit Tight. Dom Turner, March 2023

Finding Light, Blake O'Connor

Finding Light. Blake O`Connor, March 2023

Summer nights, Casey Barnes

Summer Nights. Casey Barnes, March 2023

Jack Nolan She Knew

She Knew. Jack Nolan, March 2023

Shane O'Mara

Shane O`Mara on Chris Wilson, March 2023

Our Church single cover

Our Church. Matt Cornell, March 2023

Home album cover

Home. Kingswood`s Fergus Linacre, March 2023

Hunky Dory

Everything`s Hunky Dory Now. Warren Kearney, March 2023

Ashley Cook

For Country, The Flag and Me. Ashley Cook, March 2023

Storer, self-titled. Sara Storer, February 2023

Small Talkin`. Paul Costa and Aleyce Simmonds, February 2023

Where The Cold Winds Don`t Blow. Dave Diprose, February 2023

Time Rolls On. Brendan McMahon, February 2023

Bennett Bowtell Urquhart: Lyn Bowtell, February 2023

Hold Me Close. James Kelly, January 2023

Sandcastles. Sam Ludeman, January 2023

This is How I Feel. Javier, January 2023

Connie Kis Andersen, January 2023

Journeyman. Steve McNaughton, January 2023

Be. Donna Fisk, January 2023

Blame it on Eve cover

Adam Brand blames it on Eve, January 2023

Duncan Toombs

A Gift. Duncan Toombs, January 2023

The Best is Yet to Come. Aimee Hannan, December 2022

Lachy Doley at the German Club, December 2022

Ivor S.K. at PJs, November 2022

Side A. Chloe Styler, November 2022

Grace. Michelle Cashman, November 2022

Stick Around. Matt Cornell, November 2022

Weekend Stroll. Sam McCaughey, November 2022

This Is Christmas. Jason Mark and Colin Defries, November 2022

James Keith knows that Life is Good Today, November 2022

The Great Country Song Book Album. Adam Harvey, November 2022

Matt Schofield is coming to town, November 2022

Spirit of Place turns 40. Shane Howard, November 2022

Nothin`s Gonna Stop Us. Tom Curtain, October 2022

For better or for usually worse, Courtney Keil`s heart is Always First, October 2022

A new album from Alexis and Suzie, October 2022

Anita Spring is Strong Enough, October 2022

Chloe Kay is a Broken Woman, October 2022

Legacy 1973-1981. Kevin Borich, October 2022

The Bondi Cigars are coming to town. Shane Pacey, October 2022

The Blues Train Next Generation Concert Series. Anna Scionti, September 2022

Laurel Parkinson (Laurel and the Painkillers), September 2022

Crackdown. Matthew Stubbs, September 2022

The Dreams of Jack Chrome. Russell Morris, August 2022

Cross That Line. Steve Lucas, August 2022

Lloyd Spiegel, July 2022

Christina Crofts is off to Memphis! July 2022

Jen Mize and the Rough n` Tumble, July 2022

No Light Without Shade. Hannah Acfield, June 2022

Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons. Damon Smith, June 2022

Blues, Roots and Other Fruits. Tom Walker, June 2022

Goin` Back. Pierce Dipner, April 2022

Frank Carnovale (Mojo Mafia), April 2022

Run With Me. Andrea Marr, April 2022

The Blues Train is back Baby! Hugo T. Armstrong, April 2022

Brokedown and Broke. Chloe Kay and the Crusade, February 2022

Devil Town. Julian James, December 2021

Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz. Russell Morris, October 2021

Studios 301 Sessions starring Lachy Doley, October 2021

Counterfeited Soulstice Vol. 1. The Soul Garage Experience with Fabrizio Grossi, September 2021

Eddie 9V, September 2021

The Black Sorrows starring on Saint Georges Road. Joe Camilleri, September 2021

Captain Bluetongue (The Blues Preachers), September 2021

Try It, You Might Like It. Matt Stubbs, August 2021

Bonnie Kay and Wayne Rigby (Bonnie Kay and the Bonafides), July 2021

50 Years of Alligator Records. Bruce Igleaur, June 2021

Steve Kilbey, June 2021

Junkbox Racket. Anna Scionti, December 2020

Titian Payne and his Big Zydeco Express, October 2020

Erica Graf (Lazy Eye), October 2020

Lachy Doley

Lachy Doley hits Double Figures, October 2020

Mike Elrington playing guitar

Aftershock. Mike Elrington, October 2020

James Ryan with guitar

James Ryan (King Canyon), October 2020