Ever wondered what it’s like to sit behind the mic? Do you have something you want to say or music you want to play? Fancy yourself as a media personality? Become a presenter on Valley FM. No experience is required and it’s free. We’ll provide all the training you’ll need and help with program ideas.

You must be a financial member of Valley FM before you can present on-air. The good news is you can join and pay online.

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Your on-air name, if you will not be using your own name while broadcasting.
Describe your program from the listeners’ perspective. Explain what it is that differentiates your program from existing Valley FM content. 100-250 words.
Note: While every effort will be made to accommodate your preference, existing programs take precedence and are unlikely to be moved.
The days of the week when you are absolutely unavailable.
If any. Note: Any assistant/s with you on a regular basis must be financial members of Valley FM and must first complete Valley FM training before joining you on-air.
List any previous broadcasting experience. List non-broadcasting skills you can offer to assist in the running of Valley FM.
Membership dues must be paid before commencing training. Training must be completed prior to going on air.
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