The Russians know better then anyone that winter is an enemy of an invading army. The cold and snow slows supplies and destroys moral. In the second world war the cruel Russian winter decimated the German army, but now the shoe is on the foot, the Russian Armed Forces now have to deal with an equally as cruel Ukrainian winter.

The winter has slowed the Ukrainian counter-offensive, after a massive push the Russians have now been pushed across the Dnipro river. It is predicted that the the winter will become a war of attrition until spring comes. The Ukrainians will continue to receive training and aid from its allies and the Russians will continue to battle their logistical problems.

The Ukrainian forces continue to hold the line, continue to train new troops and hope that the Russian’s keep failing to get their act together.

Image: Shutterstock: Seneline

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Associate Professor Matthew Sussex, Fellow at ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 22 November 2022