Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced changes to the parenting payment – lifting the cut off for the youngest child from age 8 to 14.

It means an increase of about $176 a fortnight.

Currently, single parents get about $922 a fortnight.

After the youngest child reaches the cut off age, single parents move to Jobseeker with lower payments of about $744, along with the obligation to search for work.

It will cost the government about $1.9 billion dollars over four years, and provide an extra 57 000 single parents, most of them women, with more financial support.

The Wire’s Netta Finney spoke to CEO of Single Mother Families Australia, Terese Edwards, and single mum, Brenda, about the changes.

If you are a parent and need someone to talk to, call Parentline on 1300 30 1300.

Image: The cutoff age for the parenting payment will rise from 8 to14 for the youngest child, but more is needed. (Ketut Subiyanto)

Produced By: Netta Finney

Featured In Story: Terese Edwards – CEO of Single Mother Families Australia, and Brenda – Retired teacher and single mother

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 9 May 2023