This coming Monday, 15 May, marks the 75th anniversary of Palestine’s Nakba – the start of Palestinians’ continued violent disposession from their homes and land,  following Israel being founded. 

To mark Nakba, meaning “catastrophe”, rallies will be held across so-called Australia on Saturday. Other events include seminars and screenings.  

Late last year, in a landmark move, the United Nations resolved to commemorate Nakba Day, following which Israel saw its most far right government come to power – escalating violence against Palestinians with a more ostensible agenda to further dispossesion. 

The Wire speaks to a Palestinian student activist in Sydney to find out more.  

Image: Montecruz foto via Wikimedia Commons

Produced By: Anisha Pillarisetty

Featured In Story: Sydney-based Palestinian student activist

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 11 May 2023