There are many forests on land that we can see with our eyes, so we can give them names.  There are huge underwater forests at the bottom of the sea, but not many people know it.  Ocean forests are formed by seaweeds that grow along terrestrial coastlines, and the study found that the southern coastline of Australia and the entire state of Tasmania are surrounded by ocean forests. Some can even reach tens of meters high. These plants provide habitat, food and shelter for ocean life.

 According to the survey, the current coverage of the global ocean forests has reached 6 million to 7.2 million square kilometers, which is already larger than the Amazon. Not only does it absorb greenhouse gases, but it is more productive than many land-grown crops.

Produced By: Xinchen Li

Featured In Story: Dr. Albert Pessarrodona – Postdoctoral Research Fellow from The University of Western Australia

First aired on The Wire, Friday 23 September 2022