Revised June 2018


Valley FM Broadcasters Association Radio Inc. as a community radio station has occasionally undertaken outdoor broadcasts in order to take that the station out into the community and the community into that station’s programs. As a community radio station this is important for licence compliance.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the station’s position on outside broadcasts and to provide the procedural basis for these events.


Valley FM 89.5 is committed including Tuggeranong Valley community in its broadcasting and other associated activities such as outdoor broadcasts.

The Board shall appoint a coordinator for each outdoor broadcast whose responsibility will be to oversee and support the event. Should an outdoor broadcast be required on a particular time then the coordinator can request that time as the time belongs to the station and not to any specific presenter.

Outdoor broadcasts considered important in any emergency situation can be called without notice to particular presenters. This can only be called by the President or Station Manager or a delegated person.

A request for an outdoor broadcast must be put in writing to the Station Manager. The request must detail the planned date, time and place of the event as well as the reason for the broadcast. At least one month’s notice is required (unless in an emergency situation). The Station Manager shall consult with Valley FM’s Insurers to ascertain if additional insurance coverage is required for the broadcast and if it is required then arrange payment for suitable indemnity cover. Until this is known, NO outside event can proceed.

An outdoor broadcast coordinator will be appointed. This person will consider the viability of the broadcast in terms of:

  • Who operate the outside broadcast equipment? This person must follow the direction of the appointed program coordinator. They will also be the contact person on the day of the event.
  • Who will be the anchor presenter(s)?, and
  • Who will support the broadcast?

The requirements for the outside broadcast will be determined by the appointed coordinator in consultation with relevant key personnel. Decision must include the requirements of:

  • Transport
  • Power availability
  • Equipment required
  • Length of broadcast
  • Media law requirements
  • Special requirements, and
  • Effect on existing programs.

On the day of the event the team will be notified by the coordinator and/or technical officer on what is to be done in the case of inclement weather. Communication with the organisation for which the event has been planned shall only be undertaken by the appointed coordinator.

On the day of the event the team shall assemble at the station to pack and collect the required technical and promotional equipment well forward of the scheduled time. The technical person must makes a list of all items leaving the station and that list will be signed and kept with the station’s asset register.

On arrival at the event everyone assigned a role is required to assist the technical officer. All care must be made to ensure safety when setting up, and taking down, equipment. It is expected that all members work as a team to ensure a quality and efficient broadcast.

After the conclusion of the broadcast all equipment is to be checked off and returned to the station for correct storage. A report of the broadcast is to be presented to the Board at its first meeting following the event by the coordinator.

Legislative Framework
Refer to relevant legislation noted in the Valley FM Policies below.

Valley FM policy: Insurance
Valley FM policy: Broadcasting Law
Valley FM policy: Workplace Health and Safety